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**Important Notice: We require 24hrs notice for cancellations, failure to provide notice as requested will result in a 50% booking fee being charged on your next appointment.

To ensure we maintain our range of high, quality salon services we are implementing a price change as of the 1st April 2023.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support and loyalty, if you have any questions regarding pricing, please email or message us.

Salon One Hair & Beauty

Hair Services & Prices


 StylistSeniorDirectorArtistic Director
1st Visit Haircut$95$110$120$130
Female Cut & Blow Wave$80$88$98$106
Female Cut & Dry$75$80$85$91
Female Re-Style from$95$106$118$126
Fringe Trim$20$24$26$28
Male Clipper Cut$22$29$37$40
Male Cut$50$55$60$65
Male Re-Style$75$85$95$106
Rough Dry$30$30$32$34
Child's Dry Cut$40$48$53$57
Child's Wet Cut (Long Hair P.O.A)$55$59$64$70
Child’s Re-Shape$80$90$100$110
Weekly Blow Wave 45 min from$85$90$100$110
Extra Time (Applied in 15 min increments)


 StylistSeniorDirectorArtistic Director
GHD Curls 1 Hr$101$118$139$149
GHD Curls 45 mins$90$101$107$115


 StylistSeniorDirectorArtistic Director
Long Hair Perm (Price may vary depending on length)$214$235$267$287
Short Hair Perm$166$166$176$189
Top Hair Perm$139$145$160$172


*Hair extensions to be supplied by client or we can order in at additional cost. Note: Consultation required please book

Hair Extension RemovalConsultation required
Hair Extension InstallConsultation required
Re Tape ExtensionsConsultation required
Bead InstallationConsultation required
Bead RemovalConsultation required


 StylistSeniorDirectorArtistic Director
T-Section - Panel Work$85$95$102$110
T-Section - Tint Re-touch$55$65$74$80
1-10 Foils - Panel$49$59$69$74
1/2 Head Foils - Short$94$108$119$127
1/2 Head Foils - Long$117$132$143$154
Full Head Foils - Short$108$128$142$152
Full Head Foils - Long$135$174$186$199
Tint Medium/Semi$99$115$126$136
Tint Long/Semi$128$138$148$160
Tint - X-Long or Thick HairP.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.A
Toner 30 gm / Ice Breaker$48$53$63$67
Creative Colour (Ombre, Bleach & Tone, Balayage - Consultation requiredfrom $127from $137from $148from $158
Extra Product Usage per 20 gm - Charges as applicable


*Note: Lunchtime Blowdry only available Mon to Fri - 12pm to 3pm booked with up and coming stylists. Long or thick hair will incur extra charge

GHD Curls - Beachy or Glam$65 - 30mins
Sleek & Straight$65 - 30mins
Basic Braid$65 - 30mins
Lunch Time Blowdry (Mon to Fri - 12pm to 3pm. Long or thick hair will incur extra charge)$50


Free Consultation (Required to book 075712183)

Blow Out LongPOA
Blow Out MediumPOA
Blow Out ShortPOA
Smooth Therapy LongPOA
Smooth Therapy MediumPOA
Smooth Therapy ShortPOA


 StylistSeniorDirectorArtistic Director
Treatment Blow Wave Package (Kerastase Fuso-Dose) Extra long or thick hair may incur an additional charge
Short Hair$99$102$115$130
Long Hair$125$135$140$150


 StylistSeniorDirectorArtistic Director
Hair Set$60$68$75$80


Bleach Recovery$40
Kérastase Fusio Dose - Customised Luxurious Hair Treatment$57
Redken Mega Mask$20
Purifying Scrub$30
Metal Detox (Removes Product Build-Up & Corrects Hair PH Balance)$55

Barber Services & Prices

Beauty Services & Prices


Nostril or Ear Wax$21
Brow Shape$25
Lip Wax$21
Chin Wax$24
Facial Wax (inc brows, lip, chin)$52
Under Arm Wax - 30 mins$42
1/2 Arm Wax - 15 mins$40
3/4 Leg Wax - 45 mins$52
Half Leg Wax - 30 mins$45
Full Leg Wax - 45 to 60 mins$70
Bikini Wax - 30 mins$45
Extended Bikini Wax - 30 mins$50
1st Brazilian Wax$75
4 weekly Brazilian Wax 45 mins$65
Mens Back Wax$55
Mens 1/2 Leg Wax$65
Mens Full Leg Wax - 45 to 60 mins$80
Mens Chest Wax - 30 mins$65
Mens Chest & Stomach Wax - 60 mins$85


*Note:All peels will require a consultation before booking, call 07 571 2183

Adashiko Kirei Facial - 1hr$95
Jungle Brew Peel (Consultation required)$140
Lacto Botanical Peel (Consultation required)$ 130
Pigment Peel (Consultation required)$ 140
Luxe Facial - 60 mins$140
Luxe Eye & Scalp Treatment - 30mins$60
Probiotic Facial - 45 mins$100
(Add on to Probiotic Facial) Intense Hydrating Mask Sheet - 15 mins$30
Refine Facial - 45 mins$ 100
(Add on to Refine Facial) Intense Hydrating Mask Sheet - 20 mins$30


De-stress Package$140 (RRP $178)
Wax It Package$149 (RRP$179)
Facial With Bonus Package$120 (RRP $153)
Smooth it Out Package$160 (RRP $220)
Skin Repair Package$294 (RRP $441)
Henna Brows Package$80 (RRP $115)

Nails, Manicure & Pedicure Services


Foot Soak & File$43
Gel Polish Pedi$75
Gel Soak Off$37
Gel Soak Off & Re-apply$85
Indulgent Pedicure$91
Speedy Pedicure$53
French Speedy Pedicure$80
Toe Nail Shape & Polish$42


Gel Nail Polish$75
Gel Nail Polish Soak Off/Re-apply$91
Indulgent Manicure$93
Nail Shape$22
Nail Shape & Polish$37


Acrylic Extension Nails - Dipping Powder or Liquid

Fullset with gel polish - (1hr 15mins)$89
Infill Nails Polish$65
Infill Gel Polish$75
Acrylic on toes gel polish$90
Dipping powder overlay$67
Dipping powder extension$80
Dipping powder ombré$95
Remove Acrylic or dipping nails$25

Manicure & pedicure

Regular manicure$45
Manicure with gel polish$58
Regular pedicure$60
Pedicure with gel polish$70
Buff & shape on fingers nail polish$30
Buff & shape on fingers gel polish$45
Buff & shape on toes nails polish$30
Buff & shape on toes gel polish$45

Additional Services

Nail repair$10
Nail art / each finger nail$7
Cut only fingers & toes$25

Lash Extensions & Eye Treatments


Classic Fullset MOST popular classic set of all. Favourite for the minimalists wanting a full lash line events.

Classic Lash Outer Edges$60 - 30mins$40 - 45mins
Classic Semi Set$90 - 45mins$70 - 1hr 15min
Classic Full Set$130 - 1hr$100 - 2hr


Infills are based on time booked, depenDing on how many lashes you have at the time of your appointment and the time booked will determine the fullness of the overall set. For example if you come in with 5 lashes on each eye and only book 30mins you will only receive as many as we can get on in the time allocated.

Classic Infill Service$65 - 30mins$55 - 45mins
Classic Infill Service$75 - 45mins$75 - 60mins
Classic Infill Service$100 - 60mins$100 - 90mins


The hybrid is a blend of two techniques, volume and classics. It is process and only comes in a fullset so there is only one option available for hybrids.

Hybrid Fullset$145 - 75mins$135 - 120mins
Hybrid Infil Service$80 - 45mins$70 - 60mins
Hybrid Infill Service$100 - 60mins$100 - 90mins


What is custom Volume? Its volume lash but custom made based on your preferred styling and thickness. Custom Volume is hand made fans at the time of the appointment, not premade fans already set with certain thickness. There is a Volume Express menu to choose from if this is more your style. Custom Volume is a great choice for those who love LASH FLUFF soft fluffy and full lashes. The most popular choice from our Volume Range is Posh Volume. Volume is only offered by Senior Lash Artist fully certified in Hand made Volume fans.

Custom Semi Volume Set$130 - 1hr
Custom Posh Volume Set (Medium Volume)$160 - 1hr 30mins
Custom Full Volume Set$190 - 2hr
Custom Mega Volume Set$200 - 3hr


What is volume express? Volume express is made up of premade fans so they don’t come customised and there are limitations to what can be achieved as far as styling and thickness go. Unlike custom volume, these sets can be carried out by an apprentice.

Express Lite$100 - 45mins$80 - 1hr
Express Medium$130 - 1hr$110 - 1hr 15mins
Express Full$160 - 1hr 30mins$140 - 2hr
Express Mega$190 - 2hr$170 - 3hr


All custom volume infills are time based and only available with Certified Senior Lash Artist in Hand Made volume fans.

Volume Infill Service$85 - 45mins
Volume Infill Service$105 - 1hr
Volume Infill Service$125 - 1hr 15mins


All infills are time based and only available with Certified Senior Lash Artist in Hand Made volume fans.

Volume Infill Service$85 - 45mins
Volume Infill Service$105 - 1hr
Volume Infill Service$125 - 1hr 15mins


Express Infill$65 - 30mins$55 - 45mins
Express Infill$80 - 45mins$80 - 1hr
Express Infill$100 - 1hr$100 - 1hr 15min
Express Infill$125 - 1hr 30min


Eye Brow Tint$25
Eye Lash Tint$35
Eyebrow Tint & Shape$36
Lash & Brow Tint$48
Eye Lash Tint & Brow Shape$48
Brow Trio$53
Henna Brows$80
Eye Lash Perm w/ Tint$90

All lash extension sets are tailored to each individual’s unique eyes and preferences.

Pre appointment MUST Dos to save time so we can get on as many lash as we can.

  1. Come with clean eyes – Mascaras, eyeliner and Eyemake up can take longer to clean off. We
    clean your lashes pre procedure everytime. However, stubborn eye make up can take up
    valuable time.
  2. If you don’t want to listen to the salon music, feel free to bring your own device and headphones.

Weddings & Special Occasions


 StylistSeniorDirectorArtistic Director
Bride Hair Up from$128$139$160$172
Bridesmaid Hair Up from$101$118$139$149
Flower Girls (Under 15yrs) Hair Up$53$69$96$103
Bride Hair Up Trial--$107$130


Bride - Wedding MakeupFrom $120
Bridesmaid - Wedding MakeupFrom $95
Mother Of The Bride - Wedding MakeupFrom $95
Wedding Makeup TrialFrom $75
Eyelash Flares$20 (per set)


 StylistSeniorDirectorArtistic Director
GHD Curls$108$118$139$149
GHD Curls 45 mins$90$101$107$115
Hair Up from$120$130$140$150
Hair Up Lessons from$100


Special Occasion Make-UpFrom $95
Full Glam & Festival Make-Up From$150
Make-Up & Eyelash Flares From$120
Makeup LessonFrom $75
Makeup TrialFrom $75
Eyelash Flares$20 (per set)


**Please note, the salon services listed below require a consultation. Please see our website for more information or phone Salon One on 07 571 2183 to arrange a consultation time that is convenient for you.

Cosmetic TattooingConsultation required$P.O.A
Permanent Make-UpConsultation required$P.O.A
Laser Tattoo RemovalConsultation required$P.O.A

**Important Notice: We require 24hrs notice for cancellations, failure to provide notice as requested will result in a 50% booking fee being charged on your next appointment.