Eyes & Brows

Perfect those peepers!

Eyelash Perms

.Beautiful lashes curled to perfection!

Have you ever wondered why model’s eyes look so bright, or wished to have long, luscious lashes just like those models?

Lashes Longer – Eyes Brighter…

Well now you can have both! Salon One creates beautiful long lashes using the revolutionary new ‘Click System’

This quick simple procedure ensures your lashes are curled to perfection. No more painful and fiddly perming rods that are glued onto your lashes and then having to pull them off OUCH!

Eyelash Perming – from $69.00 (includes tint)

Eyelash Extensions

Eyes are an important feature of your face, invest a little time and effort to keep your eyes looking stunning and attractive. Eyelash extensions are a great, fun way of adding depth and length to your natural lashes whilst making them look fuller and longer.

They are lightweight and incredibly natural looking, they can last as long as your natural lash takes to grow out.

Benefits of eyelash extensions:

  • Enhances the appearance and overall look of the eyes
  • Confidence boosting for people undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Great for people with sparse or very light lashes
  • Special occasions/ weddings/ balls
Classic Outer Set (20 Lashes)from $45
Classic Half Set (50 lash per eye)from $60
Classic Full Set (100 lash per eye)from $90
Volume Set 3 - 4dfrom $120
Volume Set 4 - 4dfrom $160
Volume Set 6dfrom $200
Renee, Lash specialist

Talk to our lash specialist Renee about the various options available including:

Classic Lash – 1:1 lash. Great for first time lash lovers

Volume Lash – 3 to 6d options available. Perfect for either a natural full look or a dramatic look. Light weight and beautiful.

Arrange a consultation, call 07 571 2183 today.

Speed up your morning makeup with Henna Brows!

Henna Brows is a great new beauty service at Salon One. It can last up to 7 days, staining the skin to create the appearance of a fuller brow and also last up to 4 weeks staining the brow hair

  • Specialised Shape Design
  • Custom Henna Colour
  • Brow Wax

Priced at ** ONLY $58 ** Ask in salon, call 07 571 2183, email us or message us on Facebook

Henna Brows

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

We make eye to eye contact on a daily basis, so it’s worth investing a little time and effort to keep your brows and lashes in top shape and condition. For those of you who are short of time or can’t wear make up, Salon One recommends eyebrow and eyelash tinting. It’s a quick, painless process that enhances and beautifies your eyes instantly.

Benefits of eyebrow and eyelash tinting:

  • Enhances the appearance and overall look of the eyes
  • Confidence boosting for people with sparse eyebrows
  • Great for people who have very little time to apply makeup
  • Great for people involved with regular sports activities such as swimming
  • Beneficial to people who are unable to wear makeup and contact lens wearers