Booking System - Currently Offline

Booking via our online system is a simple process

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our online booking service is off line until Thursday 9am while we organise the heavy demand of appointment scheduling, please email us at

  1. You will be asked to signup or login and then directed to our online bookings system
  2. You can then proceed to make a booking
  3. You will be notified of the approved appointment via email

*Please note online bookings are checked during our normal working hours. If you have not received an email after an hour of requesting a booking please give us a call on 07 571 2183 or email us.
** Important note: Please bear in mind that all Hair Colour and Perm services require a minimum 45min Blow Wave to be added at the end of your service.
For bookings that are made later in the day or after hours please be aware that your booking is pending and is NOT confirmed unitl confirmed by email