Skin Lightening

Treats uneven skin tone & unwanted discolouration

What is Skin Lightening? 

Skin lightening is a treatment designed to treat uneven skin tone, unwanted discolouration and diminish the appearance of dark spots. Safe for all skin types. Can be used anywhere on the body including intimate (anal) and sensitive areas with out disturbing the natural PH.

How light will the area become with regular use?

The all-natural formula will safely lighten the skin to a more even skin tone. You will not achieve any hypopigmentation, where the skin becomes lighter than the baseline skin colour.

How long until the results are seen?

Instantly! Usually 1-3 shades lighter after the first professional treatment.

Are the products all vegan friendly?

Yes 100% vegan friendly as our ingredients are plant derived.

Do the products contain any harsh chemicals?

No, our products are all-natural and do not contain harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, kojic acid or mercury. Hydroquinone is associated with many unpleasant side effects and it is our opinion that it is not appropriate for use on intimate areas.

What if we don’t remove the hair performing a lightening treatment?

Its highly advised to wax prior to the treatment to remove the hair follicle which will allow for deeper product penetration to instantly see better results.

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Skin Lightening