Also known as feathered brows!

Microblading is the latest semi permanent makeup trend that has taken the world by storm! 

Certified Phibrows Microblading Artist Melanie Wallace trained with the renowned world wide known Phibrow Academy.

Are your brows – thin, sparse, over plucked, missing hair, to short or just lacking definition?

Microblading is intricately implanting pigment into the skin with a disposable manual hand held tool, creating a very fine pattern of natural hair like strokes. 

This will give your brows a fuller more defined natural & realistic look – You will be amazed at the difference!
“Give Your Brows The Makeover They Deserve!”
Microblading Artist Melanie Wallace
Mel Microblading specialist Salon One

Microblading is a process & requires 2 treatments. An initials First Treatment followed by a Perfection treatment 4-6 weeks later.​​​After your first treatment your brows will go through the healing process taking up to 4 weeks. During the 4 weeks of healing you may lose some strokes & pigment. You will then have a Perfection Treatment to touch up any missing strokes & your brows will be then be perfected.

Melanie will take you through a thorough consultation discussing the treatment steps, answering any questions you may have, do a pigment & anesthetic patch test behind the ear, take a look at the condition of your existing eyebrows & skin. Pre-treatment photos are taken, Melanie will then draw & correct the shape of your eyebrows until you are fully satisfied with the results.
Your eyebrow shape is determined with a facial compass as well as an app to create perfect symmetrical, beautiful brows. The chosen color mix is to compliment your existing brow hair & skin tones.

The procedure is performed with disposable sterile tools & the pigments are produced in accordance with the highest standards. Microblading is then performed, ensuring that each hair stroke is twice as dark & twice as thick as the strokes will shrink once healed.

  • Post treatment photos are taken.
  • Skin Candy healing ointment is applied.
You will receive a complementary after care kit to achieve the best possible healing results.
For bookings and more information please email us or call 07 571 2183


Booking Fee – $100 , confirms your 1st treatment booking and this fee will go towards your perfection treatment

  • 1st Treatment – $300
  • Perfection Treatment – now $150
  • Colour Boost 10-11 months – $230
  • Colour Boost 12-15 months – $250


My experience with Mel was outstanding to say the least. She was so calm and understanding on my worries about the microblading process. With constant re assurance from Mel I was able to go through with the procedure with confidence and assurance that I will receive the most amazing service possible.


Her particular eye to detail ensured I would have the most even brows possible as she took her time to map out the shape. As pain was my greatest concern I was pleasantly surprised with the little amounts that actually came during the process, with it mainly being an uncomfortable feeling rather than pain.


Mel provided me with all the after care & knowledge I needed to know to take care of my brows while healing as well as making sure I understood the importance of this process before leaving her.

Even going as far as showing exactly how much aftercare ointment I needed to apply to my eyebrows each day.Mel did an absolute amazing job on my eyebrows and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking at getting their own eyebrows microbladed. 

Jaya Earle-West